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A Guide to the Interview

Projecting the Right Image

Appearance and Grooming can not be under emphasized. It's been estimated that people form up to 60% of their opinions about us from the image we project. Studies show that people who are well groomed are thought to be more intelligent and better educated. Studies have also found that men and women with good appearance averaged 5% more in earning power.

The color of your clothing is important to your image. The sensitive use of color is a powerful business tool. Studies have shown that a darker suits with a neutral or a contrasting shirt will help you to looks more authoritative. A low contrast shirt tends to make you look more friendly and approachable.

For Women:
  • For women, the single most important part of your appearance is your hair. Always make sure that it is combed and trimmed neatly.
  • A conservative hairstyle is always appropriate. Extremely long hair should be pulled back or put up neatly for the Interview.
  • Wear solid colors to give a look of authority.
  • Hemline at or below knee is preferable for most positions.
  • Avoid hosiery with patterns or textures that can be distracting.
  • Shoes darker than skirt.
  • No jewelry that makes noise.
  • No more than one ring per hand.

For Men:
  • For a business environment the conservative and darker suit, for industrial positions, dark or khaki slacks with a long-sleeved white or light blue shirt and tie.
  • If wearing a tie, the tip of your tie should barely touch the top of your belt buckle.
  • Shoes and other leather accessories should match.
  • No sneakers or loafer style shoes. Dark or black shoes are the best.
  • Never wear white socks.
  • Neatness is very important. Whatever you wear, make sure it's pressed.
  • A neat haircut is always important, even if your hair is long it should be neat and combed.

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