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A Guide to the Interview

Page 2 - Projecting the Right Image

Props to Take
  • Never go to an interview empty-handed. You should always have extra resumes, references, something to write with and something to write on.
  • If your job requires that you be up to date and involved in sales or marketing, a newspaper, can project an image of being up-to-date and involved without saying a word.
Face to Face Interviews

Face to face interviews are what it's all about. Remember that an interview is just two people talking. The topic is typically about something you know a lot about, You. This is your opportunity to shine.

Relax and enjoy. The person you are interviewing with may someday be your boss, but at the interviewing stage, they are simply a hiring manager working at a company you would like to work at. Talk in an at ease manner, be truthful, and keep the conversation related to your professional experience and you will do well.

Tips for face to face interviews
  • Don't appear to be rushed. Never look at your watch.
  • Do not drag the conversation on needlessly.
  • Use gestures to communicate as they add visual interest and convey enthusiasm.
  • Remember enthusiasm is contagious.

    Phone Interviews

    If the phone interview has caught you by surprise, it's okay to ask that you move to a quieter phone or to turn off the TV.

    Phone sales people will sometimes stand, while on the phone. This makes you sound more alert and allows you to speak in a better voice. When possible have something to drink near by, in case your throat gets dry.

    If your phone interview is scheduled, be sure that you answer the phone. Have your resume in front of you and be ready to answer questions. Take notes so that you can cover any missed topics in the next interview.

    Most importantly, on a phone interview, do not have any distracting noises around. Do not try to eat while on the phone. No carbonated sodas or drinks while on the phone for obvious reasons.

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